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It’s pleasing to say that winter is finished and spring is on the way. At this time, things begin to look a little greener on the vineyard; the dormant vines are now starting to “pop”. This is when the vine begins to work after being asleep during winter. They use their stored energy to push out new green shoots. It is a nice time of the year to look around vineyards as the small green shoots look neat and uniform.

I have been busy filtering and bottling over the last month, and I’m pleased that some of our 2015 wines have made it safely to bottle. Our 2015 Inara Whites (and Rosè) have been bottled will be released on the 1st of October along with our 2014 Inara and Alena reds!

Spring in the winery also means spring housekeeping, and I will be checking free sulphur dioxide levels in all the wines to ensure they are safe and sound.

All steam ahead for the begining of V16!

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