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Our cellar door is centrally located in the Yarra Valley, only an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

On weekends we are open 10-6. We offer tastings until 1:00pm. After this time we are open for by the bottle and glass consumption on site and for take-away wine sales. Our deli food offering is also available.
The largest group size that we can do tasting for on the weekend is 15. Larger groups need to book to reserve a spot for drinks and food.
Mid-week we are able to offer tastings 10-5 and accomodate tastings for groups larger than 15

Please note:

  1. We do not have a restaurant/sandwiches/platters or any hot food.  We have a deli to buy meat/cheese items. You select what you want a la carte and can make a picnic style food experience.
  2. All seating is outside. Some seats (about 40% of total seats) have an awning to protect from rain/sun/weather. However, you still need to dress for the weather of the day & be prepared to be outside. We have a misting system to help keep cool on hot days.
  3. We are open 10am-5pm everyday except Christmas Day & Good Friday.

We look forward to your visit.


t: 0452 240 616

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Cellar Door & Winery

12-14 Spring Ln
Gruyere VIC 3770

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