New Release: 2018 Wayward Child Serendip
Premium Yarra Valley Wine Field Blend

We’re delighted to announce the release of the latest Wayward Child Serendip red blend at our Yarra Valley Cellar Door. This premium single vineyard Yarra Valley wine will be available for tasting for a short time only.

New Release

Something about necessity being the mother of invention and no intervention… A medium-full to full-bodied red wine that is mostly whole bunch fermented Shiraz but with a small addition of Pinot Noir pressings to start the ferment. Foot stomped and extended maceration with nothing else added or subtracted.

Drinks like a night out with Carrie Bradshaw in a new limo. All cranberries and fresh leather, with a hint of something else.

A Wayward Philosophy

It may come as no surprise if we suggest the universe of Food and Beverage is a little like the Big Bang at the moment. The whole universe is expanding and creating a maelstrom of evolution, inversions, revolutions and extrusions that leave us all giddy, either with excitement or confusion. Our advice, take a moment to gawk in awe then just jump on in and join the fun and creativity of this brave new world.

That is our Wayward moment, as we make small batches of wine without regard for convention or safety. They are wines that reflect our place in the Yarra Valley, the growing conditions of each particular year and the vitality resulting from a lot of hard work to build biology and life force in the vineyard.

Our winemakers are given free rein to read and surf the conditions as they see fit. There are no predetermined outcomes and no set processes or formulae other than a strict no interference policy.

Simply put…..

input = vineyard derived life force
process = a little as possible
output = bright and alive wine

The good news for you? it works, the wines are delicious! The good news for us? These wines sell fast!

Current release Wayward Child wines available for tasting at our Yarra Valley Cellar Door & Winery

Wayward Child 2018 Ilion
A dry white made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. Like eating tropical fruit dressed in fresh linen.

Wayward Child 2018 Pinot Gris
Skins fermented, call me orange / call me amber, I’m the funky child doing a science experiment.

Wayward Child 2018 Bastion
Sweet fortified field blend. Sweet Child, Guns and Roses style with a hint of cherry lip gloss.

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