Helen and Joey Estate is located in the prestigious Yarra Valley, just 45 km north east of Melbourne.  The cool continental climate, paired with substantial average rainfall provide excellent grape growing conditions. The Fernando Vineyard on Spring Lane in Gruyere was purchased in 2010 by Helen and Joey.  Since that time much passion, hard work and expertise has gone in to producing premium fruit of all the varieties planted across this stunning 200 acre farm.

"Unicorn gallopinmg between rows of vines, with out-of-focus lady on left-hand foreground
Black stencil of Unicorn with red horn graphic


The unicorn is a mythical creature which has been written about in history across many cultures for thousands of years. Accusations of real sightings have been made many times, only in reality, the sightings were other animals; perhaps seen in the mist from afar, an antelope with only one antler, a stunning white horse disappearing into the forrest.
The unicorn, like wine, is an enigma; it is ambiguous, often puzzling, stunningly beautiful, subjective and like the Unicorn displays all things that we admire;
Strength, Power and Elegance


The Yarra Valley located 45 km north east of Melbourne, is the name given to the valley surrounding Melbourne’s famous Yarra River. The Yarra Valley is world renowned for its ability to grow premium quality grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Yarra Valley is currently producing some of the World’s most sort after wines.
The area also offers visitors an ideal escape from Melbourne with a plethora of great activities and attractions all within an hour from Melbourne’s CBD including; fine food, art museums, guided tours, hiking and riding trails, or hot air ballooning, you-pick fruit farms, state forests with snow activities in winter and of course the famous Healesville Sanctuary.

Woman's left hand, with simple gold bangle, crushing a small bunch of red grapes. Some drops of juice coming out with out of focus vines as background