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Helen & Joey Estate

Tucked away on Spring Lane in the Yarra Valley, Helen & Joey Estate has produced an esteemed portfolio of wines from its 200-acre estate for more than a decade. 

The estate produces three distinct wine brands that are aromatic and fruit-forward: Wayward ChildRe’em and Alicorn, with each wine made from intuition or predetermined from controlled conditions, or a combination of the two. The wine-making process reflects different world views and a range of distinct wines that offer something for everyone. 

Having relocated from its original site on Helen & Joey Estate, Re’em will also bring the cellar door into the folds of the opening, as patrons step through the sleek new façade and into the bright and airy cellar door; swilling and sipping their way through a bespoke tasting guided by the cellar door’s expert team. Those wanting to experience the inner-workings of the winery more intimately, the downstairs tasting room will allow wine enthusiasts to sample Re’em’s premium varietals amongst the impressive oak barrels. Descending the art deco staircase, guests are greeted by a garden of ferns and custom-design art installation, from Melbourne glass-artist Mark Douglas, which leads on to the 12-seat private tasting room.

Re'em Yarra Valley

Helen & Joey Estate is delighted to welcome a new chapter to the established winery with the opening of Re’em Yarra Valley (Re’em). Re’em will house a brand new restaurant and 16 boutique rooms, further cementing the estate as a standout destination for wine tourism. 

Spearheaded by Helen & Joey Estates’ namesake founders and advised by respected culinary consultant Mark Ebbels (previously of The Fat Duck, Bacchanalia, TarraWarra Estate), the restaurant offers a menu that honours Helen and Joey’s Chinese heritage, with premium seasonal Australian produce at its cornerstone. Its distinctive dishes are brought to life by head chef Abe Yang (TarraWarra Estate & Levantine Hill), who has collaborated with Ebbels to deliver a unique culinary experience in the Yarra Valley. 

The 200 acre estate complete with an ornamental lake and fountain will provide an impressive backdrop whilst diners feast. With floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light floods the 80-seat dining room, and warming hues from timber furnishings make for the perfect place to enjoy a long leisurely lunch or elegant evening meal. Intimate, light-filled booths also allow for sweeping views of Victoria’s famed wine country, as well as a shaded balcony for visitors who want to savour the summer sunshine or crisp country air. 

Following the meal, Re’em invites guests to spend the night in one of the hotel’s 16 boutique rooms, which all offer spectacular views of the estate’s vineyards, via a private balcony or garden patio, and a contemporary yet cosy finish. With two room-types to choose from, all accommodation offers a plush king bed and bathrooms complete with decadently deep bathtubs, artisanal olive-oil bath products, and bespoke wine glass holders for an added element of luxury. 

The Wine


We don’t make a lot of wine, but we do make a lot of different wines. We do this because we want to make wines for all different sorts of people and all different sorts of occasions.


Unicorn and Inara Bottled Wines: Wines with an emphasis on drinkability, more-ish deliciousness and a complete disregard for seriousness and contrived importance. Juicy, primary renditions of the different grape varieties we grow Unicorn Fizz: Wines in a can, with a little bit of fizz. There is no greater statement of wine that fits the casual and unpretentious aspect of the Australian lifestyle. Dry and sweeter whites, a rose and a red.


Late Harvest, Bastion & Unicorn Sweet Fizz. Our sweet wines. Late harvest is a light sweet wine, delicious at any time of the day. The fizz can, a little less sweet and a touch of fizz. Bastion, a Wayward fortified wine that is a big bit wine, and a little bit liqueur.


The Wayward Children…wines of place
Wines in the Wayward Child range tell a story of this farm. Low intervention, wild fermented and unfiltered. Field blend white and reds, an orange wine, a Pinot Noir and a sweet fortified wine.


Regional representations of globally held classical standards for premium wine. Varietal, richer styles
enhanced by new French oak maturation. Yarra Valley Classics.
Alicorn & Re’em… the rarest of all Fastidious selections of the best fruit, best vintages & best barrels to make unique luxury wines in the tiniest of quantities. Extremely limited, rarely tasted and only the smallest of allocations available. Ask for more information.

the Unicorn

Helen & Joey owners story is one of grit, determination, legacy, immigration, love of the land and a rich history of farming and science. The story of Helen & Joey’s owners is one of perseverance, resolve, heritage, migration, passion for the land, and a long-standing connection to farming and science. For them, the unicorn emblem represents grace, determination, persistence and sophistication they aspire to embody in their wines, along with the bravery to have their distinct character. It signifies the importance of always staying true to oneself.

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