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NV Wayward Child Bastion 500ml


True to the way of Wayward Child, Bastion is a sweet fortified wine made out of late harvested fruit from our vineyard. There is perhaps no greater deviation from the freeway of stereotypical wines associated with the Yarra Valley than a fortified wine. The model for this wine, if there is one, are the natural sweet wines southern France ,”Vins doux naturale” in the parlance of that place.

A broad cross selection of the varieties that we grow are all picked super ripe, mostly still fresh and plump, but with small amount of shrivel. There are white varieties, aromatic varieties and fuller bodied red varieties. The fruit starts to ferment, and when it is part way along we add neutral grape spirit to boost the alcohol, arrest the fermentation and retain the natural fruit sugars. The heart to this wine is from the Merlot, with aromatic notes contributed by Pinots Gris and Noir. It’s the ultimate test of the hypothesis that the Yarra Valley naturally produces elegant and aromatic versions of all wine styles. Sweet dark cherry, cherry liqueur and  stewed plums with a fresh fennel and liquorice twist are the flavours. Drink at room temperature when its cold, on ice when it’s hot, and with extra dark chocolate for a complete self-care moment.


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