The Alena Collection

These wines are the most special parcels from our estate on Spring Lane.  This range is a testament to the full potential of our vineyard,  elegantly representing the premium hand-picked parcels of fruit destined for barrel and bottle ageing. Alena pays tribute to our passionate and dedicated owner; it is a mystical Russian word for Helen.

The Layla Collection

A range of exceptional wine for an excellent price. This range of wine must punch above its weight to deliver value and quality to our drinkers. The name Layla was chosen because it’s meaning “the ecstasy of wine” derived from Arabic.

The Inara Collection

Means happy and cheerful. The wines that we are creating in this level are just that; great everyday drinking wines that are approachable and drinkable straight out of the bottle every time, on every occasion.

The Late Harvest Collection

Consider these wines as an introduction to an evening of fun, the start of a long, languid lunch or the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Don’t worry about being late, relax and enjoy.  Let our wines be the start of something great.