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Hey New York, we will be in town 16 to 19 September for Aussie Wine Month.  We are so proud to have our wines selected to be poured at a number of accompanying events around the Aussie Wine Month.

On 16 September, Meg will be attending the Australian Women in Wine Awards (AWIWA) at Union West in Chelsea.  She will be pouring our 2018 Inara Pinot Noir for the guests.  The AWIWA is the first and only event celebrating Australian women in wine and recognises the talent of women across all areas of the business.  The awards night is being help in partnership with Wine Australia, as part of the largest ever promotion of Australian wine in the USA.

On the evenings of the 17-19 September, Wine Australia will launch the Far From Ordinary event which is billed as an immersive Australian wine experience.  Our 2018 Inara Shiraz will be showcased at this event.

Then we launch in to an invitation only seminar – Oceans and Altitude – where our 2016 Layla Chardonnay will be shown to 100 hand selected wine trade members.

Then finally, on the 19th of September, we will be attending the Trade Show, again held at Union West.  Helen and Meg will be pouring a number of wines for the NYC trade and are looking forward to meeting our customers – old and new.

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