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Yay! Spring.

As the vines come back to life, so too do we. There just seems to be something over the winter period in amongst the mountains that does feel a little bit like a hibernation.

By way of stretching and yawning our way out of slumber we have a couple of our own events, including launching extended twilight opening hours on Saturday, October 26th. On Melbourne Cup day, we will have our third Unicorn themed Melbourne Cup Party.

Other goings on around the Yarra Valley are numbered in the multitudes. So much is going on that you might just need a drink to think about it all, so here are a couple of rose tinted opportunitites.

Rosé S’il Vous Plaît

This pink tinted wine event is a conspiracy between Wine Yarra Valley and the Healesville Hotel. Lots of Yarra Valley wineries will have Rosé wines on taste, as will we. As we say in spring, “Take time to smell the Rosés”.

Tulips and Wine

Local purveyor of Tulips and other exotic flora, Taesslar are having a mega festival of colour. Over the Grand Final weekend, come and find us pouring our wines at this event.

Other Spring gigs.

Here are a bunch of other reasons to come play in the Yarra Valley. But plan ahead! Always remember to leave enough time to come and see us on your way to or from other events.

The Archies are back!

Certainly Australia’s most famous art prize, the exhibition of the finalists of the Archibald Prize has returned to the Yarra Valley. So dust of your portrait peering outfits, get a bit fabulous and head on up to the TarraWarra Museum of Art.

Speaking of Art

Spring Time is Yarra Valley Arts Open Studio time. Three locations and three weekends over October and November, get out and consume art by artists who are still very much alive and working and earning a living. This whole starring art works by dead famous folk is so over-rated.

Did somebody say Diva?

Gertrude Opera Company is back with the Yarra Valley Opera Festival in October. A little bit fun and a little bit off the beaten track, this year’s festival is themed on a reimagining of Opera. It promises to be even more bohemian than La Boheme!

Fast bikes

There is a locally held peddle-bike race up and down a really big hill that has given rise (snortle, titter…) to a collection of events. The race is a bit longer than the “pushie” races of child hood. It’s called the, “Giro della Donna and covers about 125km and more than 2000m of climbs. Might have left the training run a little bit late.  More information here.

Fast cars

Quite the noisy diversion. As part of the Italian sounding pushbike festival listed above, a large number of Italian automobile enthusiasts are going to invade the Yarra Valley to argue their case. Something about the internal combustion engine being a vastly superior mechanism for automated transport over such vast distances. We say, good luck with that in the long term! More info again…

Slow Dinner

Well it just wouldn’t be Italian without a street feast. If your favourite road speed is seated at a table with good food and wine, this might be the event for you. Named after a famously fast cyclist who is much more stationary these days, this feast is under the stars, on a bridge, over the Yarra River, in the idyllically beautiful township of Warburton.

… and another one for the real Gardeners

I’m going to sneak out from behind the cloak of collective personal speak and assume the first party prerogative, by way of confession. Most of what I know about plants begins with a cold water tap and a knife, followed often with the use of a pot and flame. Cook, yes! Gardener, no!

A real gardener recently told me that the following is the the sort of event that might appeal to real gardeners.

I told said gardener, that for some years I was a member of the Diggers Club. It was then that I realised I was only ever a member due to an implied righteousness of membership. I could not claim knowledge, nor inclination that could lead to benefit.

I’m going to go to this plant fair with better intentions.

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