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Tucked away on Spring Lane in the Yarra Valley, Helen & Joey Estate has produced an esteemed portfolio of wines from its 200-acre estate for more than a decade.

The estate produces four distinct wine brands that are aromatic and fruit-forward: Unicorn, Wayward ChildRe’em and Alicorn, with each wine made from intuition or predetermined from controlled conditions, or a combination of the two. The wine-making process reflects different world views and a range of distinct wines that offer something for everyone. 

Having relocated from its original site on Helen & Joey Estate, Re’em brings the cellar door into the folds. As patrons step through the sleek façade and into the bright and airy cellar door; swilling and sipping their way through a bespoke tasting guided by the cellar door’s team. Those wanting to experience the inner-workings of the winery more intimately, the downstairs tasting room will allow wine enthusiasts to sample Re’em’s premium varietals amongst the impressive oak barrels. Descending the art deco staircase, guests are greeted by a garden of ferns and custom-design art installation, from Melbourne glass-artist Mark Douglas, which leads on to the 12-seat private tasting room.


The story of Helen & Joey’s owners is one of perseverance, resolve, heritage, migration, passion for the land, and a long-standing connection to farming and science.

For them, the unicorn emblem symbolises grace, determination, persistence, and sophistication, all qualities they strive to imbue in their wines.

It also reflects their courage to express their unique character.

Above all, the emblem signifies the importance of remaining authentic and true to oneself.

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